Treasure Chest Display - Rainbow / Black Hematite (44 lbs)
Please note: Display not exactly as pictured. Refer to the stones shown to the right.

Treasure Chest Display - Rainbow / Black Hematite (44 lbs)

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Display of 22 lb of rainbow magnetic hematite, 22 lb of regular magnetic hematite, magnetic strip with 120 bags and information cards


Display approx. 35.5 cm width x 27 cm depth x 40.5 cm height. Stones approx. 25 mm. Gembags approx. 5 x 7.6 cm
Our ever popular magnetic sticky stones combined with fantastic rainbow magnetic hematite, available in an eye catching treasure chest. Customers hunt for their favourite treasures, fill their bag with magnets and pay one price, making this a highly profitable display.

Tumbled magnetic hematite is formed from finely powdered iron oxide and heated until it granulates. During this process a strong magnetic field is applied to the material so that the molecular poles line up to form a permanent magnet. Then it is cut into various smaller blocks and eventually polished to create beautiful tumbled magnetic hematite. Hematite stimulates iron absorbtion which in turn improves oxygen supply to the body. They are often used in magnetic therapy.

Magnets are not recommended for children under age 8. Always use caution when playing with magnets. Do not ingest.

To fill this display with other rocks or minerals, contact one of our sales representatives.

Increase sales: The velvet gembags can be easily custom imprinted with your logo or store name. Or offer our jewellery cage necklaces and keychains with this display.


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