Spring Excitement is in the air

Posted by Melissa Brown on 3/13/2013
Spring Product Specials
Pineapple Express
Hibernation is coming to an end and more of us across Canada are starting to peek out of our cozy nooks to look outside. Here in BC we've been met with a Pineapple Express; though we've enjoyed a couple of much needed sunny days, we're really in that season where the windshield wipers are doing double time and we can practically wash our clothes by simply walking out the door! What does it feel like in your part of the country?
Big Spring Sale
If you need a little cheering up after checking your weather forecast, take a closer look at our spring specials! The stones, eco notebooks and rustic bells you see in the main photo at the top of this blog post have been discounted until the end of March to help you prepare for the warmer season ahead. If you'd like more information about these specials simply email [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-723-6403.

CGTA Montreal LogoAs some of us prepare to head to Montreal for the CGTA Trade Show which starts March 24th, we've been looking at the weather forecasts in the east. While the temperature may dip below freezing, it is at least a bit warmer than average for this time of year. Phew! Hopefully we'll see a spring in your step when you drop by to see us at booth 4624. We're ready to share our new products plus some show specials which include our totem magnets and keychains and sparkling hematite jewellery with semi-precious stones. For more information about finding us at the Montreal trade show, visit the Gift Shows page on our website!

Himalayan Salt ArrivalMany of you have already taken advantage of our recent arrival of minerals and crystals from Brazil and Tucson. If you'd like to see more of these beautiful offerings and perhaps learn something new about them, stay tuned for a video starring our CEO Greg Stump, coming soon! What you may not yet know is we've also received our salt shipment! After much anticipation our container has finally arrived, salt lamps, candle holders and other forms of natural Himalayan salt is now ready to make the journey to you!

Spring Budding TreeHere's hoping that you see a budding leaf or flower wherever you are very soon and until then, make sure to surround yourself and your customers with hints of spring, whether it be a display of spring colours that greets people at the door, a corner filled with branches dripping with jewellery, nests filled with treasures, or some fresh flowers at your cash desk. What steps are you taking to prepare for the season ahead? Share your ideas by commenting on this post!

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