Soapstone Incense Holders - Buddha on Lotus (3)
Soapstone Incense Holders - Buddha on Lotus (3)

Soapstone Incense Holders - Buddha on Lotus (3)

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3 incense holders


Approx. 3.75 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height
This sitting Buddha on a lotus flower incense burner from India is perfect for small spaces. Soapstone has been used as a carving medium for thousands of years. This beautifully carved piece shows the fine details. It is impervious to heat and can be kept in its natural state without polish or glossy finishes.

The lotus symbol represents an array of concepts, depending on the school of thought. In Buddhism it is symbolic of purity of the body, speech and mind. Buddhists see this flower that floats above the muddy waters of attachment and desire to be symbolic of detachment. In Hinduism the lotus represents beauty, creation and awakening. These simple concepts stem from a complex history. In Egyptology, the lotus represents the sun. In Western culture the lotus has become a popular symbol of meditation and spiritual growth that may include many of these historical concepts.

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