Rock and Mineral Discovery Centre - Spinner Bin Display (pre-pack)

Rock and Mineral Discovery Centre - Spinner Bin Display (pre-pack)

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Approx. 35.5 cm square x 168 cm height
This highly profitable display unit has a very small footprint of just 14 inches and holds our most popular rock and mineral products. A great way to introduce stone gifts into your store or add to an existing collection.

Standard items include:
Rocks and Minerals: Tumbled magnetic, treasure mix stones, amethyst clusters, amethyst points, coloured calcite, obsidian arrowheads, agate slices, discovery geodes, rainbow geodes, worry stones, peacock ore, pyrite, quartz points, rose quartz
Packaged stones: popcorn rocks, TV Rocks, magnet rocks, space rocks
Magnets: Mineral, wood animal, totem, wish
Keychains: Stone cages, earth stone, agate slice, tumbled stone, totem, wish, mixed mineral
Gemstone Bracelets: flat rectangle, sphere, chip, magnetic hematite (black and rainbow), nugget, shamballa
Gemstone Necklaces and Pendants: 18 inch chip necklace, arrowhead and totem stone pendants
Rings: magnetic hematite, rainbow hematite, mixed semi-precious stone
Velvet gembags

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Please note that this display cannot be shipped to the USA.

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