Resin Statue - Meditation Buddha Head
Resin Statue - Meditation Buddha Head

Resin Statue - Meditation Buddha Head

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1 statue


Approx. 17 cm width x 16 cm depth x 26 cm height
This lightweight resin Buddha statue is finished in a cement texture with subtle hints of green moss coloured accents, bringing a sense of aged wisdom akin to that of an ancient temple. The neutral colour of grey tones is also representative of balance, both cool and warm, symbolic of intelligence, sophistication and balance between light and dark.

A youthful, sweet looking face, rounded for a soft appearance is a typical depiction of Buddha, but each differing characteristic is endowed with a further symbolism. The ushnisha, or large cranial bump on the top of the head epitomizes the knowledge and wisdom the Buddha attained after being enlightened. The long ears are to signify wealth during his life as a prince. The curly hair exemplifies the nobility and sublimity he possesses. The serene facial expression with half closed eyes expresses a calm, happy meditative state, with a slight smile.

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