Polished Point - Sphalerite
Polished Point - Sphalerite

Polished Point - Sphalerite

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1 sphere


Approx. 8 - 12 cm
Polished sphalerite points are six sided, and polished. Crystal points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point.

Sphalerite, also known as blende is a sulfide mineral that is part of the cubic crystal system. It is primarily found in sedimentary or volcanic deposits in marine environments. This primary ore of zinc is found in association with galena, pyrite, calcite, dolomite, quartz, rhodochrosite and fluorite. It ranges from yellow to dark brown, black, grey, red-brown and sometimes colourless, light blue or green.

Sphalerite is associated with grounding and protection by helping to distinguish truth from fantasy. This energizing stone is often used to aid yoga and fitness routines by stimulating passion, confidence and creativity.

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