Pink Tourmaline in Matrix - Small
Pink Tourmaline in Matrix - Small

Pink Tourmaline in Matrix - Small

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Approx. 3 - 5 cm
This pink tourmaline has developed within a matrix of white quartz.

Tourmaline is the most colorful of all gemstones. The mineral Elbaite is the member of the Tourmaline group that is responsible for almost all the gem varieties. According to the Madras Tamil Lexion the name comes from the Sinhalese word Thoramalli or t ra- molli.

In healing circles, pink tourmaline is a powerful electromagnetic gem that aids the balance of the endocrine and immune systems. It is said to attract friendship and promote sympathy for others. It enhances creativity by opening one up to passion. Pink Tourmaline can open the heart to spiritual growth by creating an energetic connection between the heart and crown chakras. A calming stone that envelops one in unconditional love.

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