Pendant Display - Totem, Dreamcatcher and Arrowhead (36/Display)

Pendant Display - Totem, Dreamcatcher and Arrowhead (36/Display)

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Display of 36 carded pendants (12 assorted totems, 12 assorted arrowheads, 6 assorted crystal dreamcatcher, 6 assorted feather dreamcatcher)


Approx. 21.25 cm width x 15 cm depth x 35 cm height, see individual pendant styles for measurements
Our popular totem stone pendants feature spirit animals that have been used as symbols of power and expression throughout the ages. They are combined with dazzling plated edge arrowhead pendants and two styles of dreamcatcher pendants.

Dream catchers are desired for filtering negative vibes and only allowing positive thoughts to enter the mind. They are decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads and often wrapped in leather. One of the two styles featured on this display are our wire dreamcatchers made with quartz, amethyst and treated citrine crystals in Brazil. The other more traditional style is leather wrapped with bead strands hanging from the bottom and finished with feather charms. The wire finishes with two small spirals at each side. This second style also includes brown necklace cord.

The top-selling totem stone pendants come in a wide array of beautiful gemstones such as amethyst, green aventurine, rose quartz, agate, sodalite, jasper and clear quartz. These pendants are popular with men and women alike and each comes on a black necklace cord.

Each arrowhead pendant is one of a kind, some are narrow and thin, others are quite thick. These pendants are available in amethyst, clear quartz, black agate, bloodstone, carnelian and sardonyx. Each one comes on black necklace cord.

All of the pendants on this display are mounted on a jewellery card, ready to display. Those made with stone also have their stone type identified and its unique healing property to help your customers choose the pendant that suits them.

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