Palm Stone - Ibis Jasper
Palm Stone - Ibis Jasper

Palm Stone - Ibis Jasper

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1 stone


Approx. 50 - 60 mm
Ibis Jasper palm stones (pocket stones, touch stones, worry stones) fit nicely into the palm of the hand. These tactile stones are beautiful to display and admire but are small enough to place under a pillow or tuck into a bag or pocket. They can be chosen to hold during meditation or to place on a body part for healing and massage.

Jasper is an opaque, impure variety of silica in the form of chalcedony or microcrystalline chert. It forms near volcanic activity and hot water circulation is required for its formation. Ibis jasper is a form of brecciated jasper which means it was broken apart by weathering and water movement and naturally cemented by quartz crystal and agate. The name ibis come from a type of water fowl common in Madagascar which is where this stone was recently discovered. Brecciated jaspers are said to enhance organizational abilities, relaxation and a sense of wholeness. It is also used to align the chakras.

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