Mineral Request - Shaman Stones
Mineral Request - Shaman Stones

Mineral Request - Shaman Stones

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Generally we carry shaman stones that are 12 - 44 mm. At times, availability can be quite limited as it only arrives with specific shipments.

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These unusual and powerful rocks, called Shaman Stones, are found at the base of the Navajo Sandstone in Utah. Since this land was once inhabited by the Moqui Indian tribe, they are also called moqui marbles. There is little known regarding their origin. However, they are believed to be concretions, possibly formed by volcanic action in an ancient sea, 130 to 155 million years ago. The shell is mainly composed of iron and the centre is filled with very fine coral coloured sandstone which is much finer than the surrounding Navajo desert.

It is believed that these Shaman Stones were used by various tribes and were regarded as powerful and sacred. Most stones have a balanced male/female energy which is both energizing and grounding. The rough and ellipsoid shaped stones have a greater masculine tendency. As in the days of the shamans, the stones can be used to absorb negative energies while eventually transforming this into positive and beneficial energies. This makes these stones useful in healing environments and for their essential purification qualities. They have a subtle magnetization effect of the energy field and will gently clear and charge any area they are placed in. They are particularly effective when one is placed in each hand during journeying or meditation.

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