Mineral Request - Hemimorphite
Mineral Request - Hemimorphite

Mineral Request - Hemimorphite

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Generally we carry hemimorphite in polished form (3 - 8 cm) or rough form (3 - 5 cm). At times, availability can be quite limited as it only arrives with specific shipments.

Specimen request listings on our website exist to help you learn about the item and to let us know you would like assistance making selection(s). Add this item to your order for more information about it.

Hemimorphite is an hydrous zinc silicate and a component of calamine. The hemimorph development of crystals is typical of only a few minerals, meaning that the crystals are terminated by dissimilar faces.

As a healing stone it brings balance to the auric field, dissolving negativity or weakness. Hemimorphite also helps blend the emotions and supports an unimpeded flow of feeling, bringing one to a sense of oneness or the middle ground in relationships. It is an enhancer of communication and assists in contact with ancestors and spirit guides.

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