Mineral Request - Blue Calcite
Mineral Request - Blue Calcite

Mineral Request - Blue Calcite

Item Code:Specimen-CLBlue
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Generally we carry a range of sizes of naturally formed blue calcite specimens that can be purchased by the pound (smaller) or individually. Sizes range from 1 - 15 cm and sometime larger sizes are available.

Specimen request listings on our website exist to help you learn about the item and to let us know you would like assistance making selection(s). Add this item to your order for more information about it.

Calcite is composed of the same material as limestone: calcium carbonate. This transparent to opaque mineral can be found in a variety of colours when it is charged with impurities.

As a healing stone, blue calcite is especially calming and promotes calm communication. It is often used to help one become aware of their need for sleep. For students it is helpful for retaining new information. This clarity of mind that comes from blue calcite is helpful in all forms of communication and thought, most especially in difficult discussions. It can aid one to speak calmly and with tact.

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