Mineral Magnets - Agate Slice (12)
Mineral Magnets - Agate Slice (12)

Mineral Magnets - Agate Slice (12)

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12 assorted magnets


Approx. 3.75 - 7.5 cm
Each magnet is made from a beautiful, natural agate slice from Brazil, some of which have been dyed bright colours to highlight their natural beauty. Why have plastic in your store when you can sell these naturally beautiful and colourful agate slices? Some magnets are colour treated to produce a number of appealing hues.

Agate is also known as chalcedony quartz and often displays concentric rings.

It is used to harmonize Yin and Yang, help build self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body/mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone and also helps the body's connection to the earth. It is considered a good luck stone and enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

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