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Posted by Melissa Brown on 2/26/2013 to Product Spotlights

Good luck wishes add a little push to the one who's ready to plunge into a new venture. Choose from our collection of lucky products! Engraved stones, agate, dolphins, Buddhas and more can be found in our themed category titled LUCK!

If you're looking for luck themed wholesale natural products to share with your customers this St. Patrick's day, Nature's Expression has got you covered. Try personalized engraved stones like our double-sided Kanji stones, tumbled "luck" wish stones, or our semi-precious heart gem stones for unique gifts.

Agate stone gifts make an excellent choice when you want to offer natural giftware that suits the season but isn't predictable. Agate is also known as chalcedony quartz and comes in many colours and varieties.
It is considered a good luck stone that enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect. As a spiritual stone, it is used to harmonize Yin and Yang, help build  self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body/mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone, and also aids the body's connection to the earth. Our offerings include wind chimes, bookends, key chains, night lights and the ever popular "Little Slice of Agate" Display.

Visit our Buddha meditation products category for some healing energy. Over the years, the laughing Buddha has come to represent several beneficial attributes such as happiness, prosperity and contentment. Often known as "Happy Buddha" or "Smiling Buddha". Buddha is believed to bring good luck and good fortune.

Talisman stones are another lucky product that will sell well year round. The symbols on these imprinted stones are like gateways into deeper reality; when you work with a symbol, you begin to see beyond it. Each one has its own historical interpretations but also allows for a more individual intuitive interpretation. Create focus and serenity during meditation. Carry one for protection, use as home or office inspiration, or gift them for good luck. Talisman stones come in a myriad of natural shapes and colours and 14 unique symbols.

If you're looking to stay a little more traditional with your St.Patrick's Day offerings let us help you in person! Ask about pyrite, also known as fools gold, to set up your own pot of gold display. Create a rainbow with our fun and interactive rainbow magnetic hematite "sticky stones", it is our newest addition to this product line and is available to order in place of our regular magnetic hematite in displays. We'll be happy to help you hunt down the perfect mineral specimens with a green hue to merchandise your products for the season!

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And of course... GOOD LUCK!

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