Laser Quartz Points - Extra Small (1 lb)

Laser Quartz Points - Extra Small (1 lb)

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1 lb of points


Approx. 1.88 - 3.75 cm
Lasers are recognized by the way the point narrows from the wide base to a fine thin apex. Extra small points are generally quite thin and are ideal for use in pendants in jewellery making.

Their unique shape can selectively focus energy through intention allows for precise healing work to be carried out. They can be thought of as an extension of the user's intention and energy. Laser quartz is also able to clear negativity and establish a protective barrier.

Quartz, the master stone once thought to be solidified light. Special characteristics of storing (programming), amplifying and transmitting thoughts and energy. Activates pineal and pituitary glands. Excellent for meditation and accessing higher self and guides.

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