Insect Pendant - Scorpion
Insect Pendant - Scorpion

Insect Pendant - Scorpion

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1 packaged pendant on cord


Pendant approx. 50 - 65 mm width. Chain approx. 45 cm in length.
The scorpion is a mesobuthus martensii.

Each authentic insect specimen has been collected and set in resin to preserve its natural beauty. Perfect for the budding scientist or the seasoned pro.

As a spirit animal the scorpion can at first seem a little foreboding, though a deeper look brings a beauty and complexity. This symbol of protection and self preservation inspires fiery passion, calculation and control. A magnificent creature to behold, the scorpion is a creature of solitude and is associated with the sun. It reminds us to ask what needs protecting but also warns against being defensive or overprotective.

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