Indochinite Tektites - Rough (1/2 lb)
Indochinite Tektites - Rough (1/2 lb)

Indochinite Tektites - Rough (1/2 lb)

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1/2 lb bag


Approx. 10 - 30 mm
Tektites were ejected into the EarthÕs upper atmosphere by one of four known meteorite impacts and subsequently cooled to form the distinctive glass-like structure. Indochinite tektites are found in the Australasian Strewn Field and were formed approximately 700,000 years ago. They can be further classified as a splashform tektite. As a healing stone, tektites are assiciated with transformation. Indochinites are specifically said to provide a connection with both the Earth and stars, grounding energy. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

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