Images of Canada - Owl (3)
Images of Canada - Owl (3)

Images of Canada - Owl (3)

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3 mineral scenes on information cards


Card approx. 5 cm square, product averages 6 cm height
Hand-crafted in Canada, each pewter figurine sits atop a piece of genuine amethyst crystal. Souvenirs like these will be appreciated by both men and women. Each piece comes on a card describing the animal or symbol.

Owls are a widely distributed group of birds of prey broadly characterized by large heads, flat faces, forward-directed eyes, hooked beaks, strong legs, sharp claws and soft feathers. Owls spend the night hunting a variety of small mammals and birds.

In cultures worldwide, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, power, intuition, mystery, protection, messages and change. Birds, in general, are often thought of as mediators between the material and spiritual worlds and owls in particular are seen in this light.

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