Harmony Ball Necklace - Spiral
Harmony Ball Necklace - Spiral

Harmony Ball Necklace - Spiral

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1 pendant


Harmony ball approx. 25 mm diameter.
A steel harmony ball pendant that makes a beautiful jingling sound is painted blue with a yellow spiral and comes on nylon cord.

The harmony ball, also referred to as the maternity necklace or angel caller, is part of a Mayan tradition that dates back generations. It is also found in other diverse histories throughout the globe, including Indonesia. The harmonic pendant emits a sound that inspires serenity and a sense of calm. Customarily given to pregnant women, who would wear it throughout their pregnancy as a talisman to protect and soothe their baby. Once born, the gentle and memorable tinkling sound of the charm would settle the newborn, helping them to sleep.

A minimalist yet interesting addition to outfits, easily incorporated into any day. The smooth pendant is an ideal gift to promote calm and balance in hectic and overworked schedules, or to get in touch with your spiritual self even on the busiest of days.

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