Glass Locket Necklace with Moissanite
Glass Locket Necklace with Moissanite

Glass Locket Necklace with Moissanite

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Moissanite pieces, 1 locket with 24 inch chain


Approx. 3 cm height x 3 cm width, 60 cm chain chain
These lockets offer something that most conventional jewellery does not: your customer can create their own unique design inside. The beautiful locket pendant has a magnetic clasp with a pin to ensure it does not open. It is stainless steel with clear glass on either side. The 24 inch ball chain features a lobster claw clasp.

A high concentration of iron impurities cause this mineral to appear black and opaque. The surface displays bright variations of iridescent blue, purple and gold colours. It is almost as hard as diamond and is used as an abrasive and in ceramics.

While naturally occurring Moissanite is extremely rare, this man-made version is equally as beautiful. Also known as carborundum, this form of silicon carbide, is formed by crystallization of the natural silicon carbide.

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