Gemstone Triangle Pendant - Blue Goldstone

Gemstone Triangle Pendant - Blue Goldstone

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1 pendant


Approx. 2 cm width x 3 cm height
This beautiful semi-precious stone is cut into a triangular shape and set in a nickel free alloy. Clean and classic, this piece works perfectly on its own or layered with others. Wear it as a statement piece or use it as a pendulum.

Blue goldstone is manmade glass coloured blue by cobalt with silvery flecks suspended in it, the glass is made in a reducing furnace with cobalt added, it then crystallizes.

As a healing stone, it is the stone of learning and communication and has a gently uplifting quality. The metaphysical properties of cobalt are said to cloak and transform a traveler. It is a powerful, radiant and psychically active element.


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