Gemstone Sphere - Gold Sheen Obsidian
Gemstone Sphere - Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gemstone Sphere - Gold Sheen Obsidian

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Approx. 50 mm diameter
Gold sheen obsidian spheres in the 50 mm range. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know so we can help you to realize your goal.

The sheen of gold sheen obsidian is attributed to patterns of gas bubbles being left behind after a lava flow. Depending on the placement of these layers, this may produce a gold or silver sheen in this form of volcanic glass.

As a healing stone it helps on to look into the future and the past to get at the core of a problem. While it can show what it required for healing, this healing requires the use of other crystals. Gold sheen obsidian is used to balance energy and reduce ego conflict.

Spheres elegantly share the beautiful qualities of the semi-precious stones and crystals they are made from. These orbs are a wonderful addition to mineral collections and they add a dramatic flair when red as as decorative accents. Many people use them for artistic inspiration or personal spiritual practices. They are easy to hold and work with during meditation. We offer a variety of ways to display spheres including plastic, glass, wood or metal display stands as well as pillows or stone bowls and goblets.

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