Gemstone Heart Pendant - Ruby Fuchsite / Kyanite
Gemstone Heart Pendant - Ruby Fuchsite / Kyanite

Gemstone Heart Pendant - Ruby Fuchsite / Kyanite

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1 pendant


Approx. 25 mm length
25 mm crystal hearts from India make everlasting gifts.

Fuchsite is the green, chromium-rich variety of muscovite, otherwise known as mica, which crystallizes in the form of plate like layers. Within this fuchsite, ruby crystals are embedded; their red colour is also caused by the presence of chromium. Blue kyanite is striated with a pearlized appearance. This brittle and fibrous mineral, aluminum silicate, is found in garnet and mica deposits.

As a healing stone, ruby fuchsite acts as the sum of its parts. It allows us to examine issues related to basic foundations of life and personal concerns. Ruby in Fuchsite is said to stimulate love and nurturing and brings knowledge, spiritual wisdom and wealth. Kyanite never needs cleansing because it never accumulates or retains negative energy. It is also excellent for opening and aligning all chakras. It is believed to enhance both creative expression and aid in the development of truth and loyalty by bringing in divine essence.

The heart has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral and in the past, the intellectual core of a human being. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love.


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