Faceted Pendulum - Golden Azeztulite
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Faceted Pendulum - Golden Azeztulite

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1 pendulum with chain and handle, plus information card


Approx. 2.5 cm width x 2.5 - 4 cm in length
Golden azeztulite is the name given to a bright yellow form of azeztulite recently discovered near the Himalaya mountains. It is a member of the quartz family.

As a healing stone, golden azeztulite is said to aid in seeing and committing to the truth in every moment. It also enhances creative endeavours, brings mental clarity and increases our power of discernment.

Beautiful and useful too! Pendulums are used much the same way as applied kinesiology or muscle testing to help determine the answer to a question.

Pendulum chain not shown in photo.

To Learn more about pendulums, watch our video.

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