Crystal Decorator Request - Rose Amethyst Geode on Wood Base
Crystal Decorator Request - Rose Amethyst Geode on Wood Base

Crystal Decorator Request - Rose Amethyst Geode on Wood Base

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Generally we carry a range of sizes of rose amethyst geodes on wood base. The wood base is approximately 19 cm wide x 7.5 cm deep, the specimen may extend slightly past the base on the sides depending on its unique shape. All pieces are pre-priced based on their size and quality, selecting an option below will help us to select the item(s) that suit your needs.

Each beautiful and unique rose amethyst geode is cut flat on the front side and there are remaining recessed pockets of crystals throughout the piece. The formation of crystals makes every single specimen very unique. The specimeni sits in a custom cut wood base. These make striking display pieces in the home or at a business.

While amethyst is the purple variety of quartz crystal composed of silicon dioxide with traces of iron, the color of pink amethyst (or rose amethyst) comes from inclusions of hematite and a higher iron content in the quartz points. This is a different chemical makeup from rose quartz which contains manganese and titanium. The points appear as pink, salmon, rose, lavender and lilac. This variety of amethyst most often comes from Argentina and is quite a recent find. It is typically found with dogtooth calcite.

In terms of healing properties, pink amethyst is said to offer the same peaceful vibration of amethyst with additional emphasis on patience, healing and love.

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