Crackle Quartz Mix Tumbled Stones (5 lb)
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Crackle Quartz Mix Tumbled Stones (5 lb)

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5 lbs of stones


Approx. 15 - 40 mm
Crackle quartz has been intentionally fractured using a treatment of heat, then it is quickly cooled in water containing dye to cause the fractures and the colour. These additional fractures cause the quartz to sparkle more and sometimes produce rainbows when viewed at specific angles.

This stone mix is great to use on its own, or with our range of displays, especially jewellery cages. Crackle quartz tumbled stone mix also works well when added to other stone mixes to suit the desires of your target customers.

This mix is ideal for filling our Treasure Box, Treasure Chest, Pebble Patch or Rock and Mineral Discovery Centre displays.

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