Chakra Pendant - Spiral
Chakra Pendant - Spiral

Chakra Pendant - Spiral

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1 pendant


Approx. 30 mm width x 50 mm height
A beautiful pendant designed to help you manifest your intentions. This eye catching silver coloured nikel free alloy pendant comes from India. Gemstones represent the chakra system.Gemstones include carnet, carnelian, treated ffcitrine, peridot, blue topaz, iolite and amethyst.

The word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, chakra means vortex, spinning wheel or circle. Chakras are the major centres of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along the subtle body. The subtle body is the non physical body or otherwise known as our soul or spirit, which overlays our physical body.

One of the oldest geometric shapes found throughout the ancient world are spirals. The spiral is fundamental to nature, appearing on animals such as the snail, seashells and occurs in natural phenomena such as whirlpools, hurricanes, tornadoes and spinning galaxies. The spiral has become a powerful symbol for creation and growth


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