Chakra Bracelet - with Blue Moonstone and Lava (3)
Chakra Bracelet - with Blue Moonstone and Lava (3)

Chakra Bracelet - with Blue Moonstone and Lava (3)

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3 bracelets


Approx. 20 cm in circumference with stretch cord up to 26cm in diameter.
The gemstone chakra chips on this bracelet are highlighted by blue moonstone. Each bracelet has two Lava beads that can be used for Aromatherapy. These stone bracelets are made with stretch cord for an easy fit.

Semi precious stone chips include: amethyst, garnet, treated citrine, carnelian, peridot, aquamarine, iolite, clear quartz, blue moonstone.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. It refers to the energy centers found in the body. Most Eastern traditions describe seven major Chakras positioned along the midline of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Blue moonstone (orthoclase) is from the feldspar family of minerals. It is white or clear and at times has a pearl-like color. Sparkling glimpses of blue can be seen, hence the name "blue moonstone." Tiny albite crystals within the stone provide a shimmering glow known as adularescence. Moonstone was very popular early in the 20th century and was extensively used in Art Nouveau jewellery.

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