Celebrate Earth Day April 22!

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/15/2013
Not only should Nature's Expression be your natural choice, but also the conscious choice for gifts and souvenirs.

Many years ago, we stopped using the once popular Styrofoam peanuts for packing and now use a biodegradable product made from cornstarch. Wherever possible we re-use and recycle boxes and other packing materials, such as newsprint, that we have received from our suppliers.

We encourage each other by keeping recycling bins accessible throughout our warehouse and office, many of us carpool together and we also share the bounty from our gardens and homes with each other.

If you'd like to encourage your own staff to incorporate more earth friendly activities in to the workplace and at home, try downloading the 30 day challenge PDF here!

Curious about the "earth" you see in the photo?
It is actually a chrysocolla sphere! If you're interested in purchasing one, click here. If you're interested in purchasing other products made from chrysocolla, click here for pendants, click here for bracelets.

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