Carved Wood Walking Stick - Wolf (1.3 m) (2)
Carved Wood Walking Stick - Wolf (1.3 m) (2)

Carved Wood Walking Stick - Wolf (1.3 m) (2)

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2 walking sticks


Approx. 1.3 meters
Hand carved and painted wooden walking sticks will make a unique addition to your store. Promote healthy living for both men and women alike. The top of each stick is decorated with popular Canadian animals and birds, these are a perfect items to add to Canadian souvenirs, natural gifts and outdoors displays.

In animal symbolism, the wolf is thought of as teacher and pathfinder. Though wolves are considered fierce, they are actually a very social; intelligent and friendly animal. They show us the importance of family and friends; the pack is a wolf's large facet of meaningful survival. This handmade walking stick portraying a howling wolf and paw prints is a beautiful way to celebrate the spirit of the wolf.

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