Canadiana Stones - Wolf (12)
Canadiana Stones - Wolf (12)

Canadiana Stones - Wolf (12)

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12 wolf stones


Approx. 30 - 40 mm
Most wolf populations live in Canada and Alaska in a variety of habitats, ranging from arctic tundra to forest and prairie, if suitable prey is present. The gray wolf, also called the timber wolf, is the largest of about 41 wild species within the wolf family.

In animal symbolism, the wolf is thought of as teacher and pathfinder. Though wolves are considered fierce, they are actually a very social; intelligent and friendly animal. They show us the importance of family and friends; the pack is a wolf's large facet of meaningful survival.

A mix of the best selling Canadian themed stones from all collections. A must have item for any souvenir display because they appeal to both men and women. Assorted semi-precious stones.

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