Canadiana Stone Keychains - Orca / Killer Whale (6)

Canadiana Stone Keychains - Orca / Killer Whale (6)

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6 orca / killer whale keychains


Approx. 30 - 40 mm, plus chain
The Killer whale or Orca is a predator, feeding actively on fish and squid. They possess sharp teeth, usually in both jaws, used to catch their prey. These small whales are generally sociable and usually travel in groups or pods for their entire life.

Orca is the symbol of soul mates and strong family connection, it is closely associated with the wolf due to the similarity of social structure. This guardian of the ocean is said to protect travelers and to lead them back when the time is ripe. It is said to represent good health, strength and balance.

Boost your souvenir sales with an assortment of eye-catching semi-precious stones engraved with Canadian inspired designs. These handy little keychains are durable and make it easy to recognize different sets of keys.

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