Canadiana Keychain and Magnet Display - Assorted (70/display)

Canadiana Keychain and Magnet Display - Assorted (70/display)

Pricing Ranges:

7.5 inch width x 8 inch depth x 13.75 inch height, Keychains Approx. 1 - 2 inches, plus chain, Magnets 6 - 8 cm

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48 stone keychains, 12 stone magnets and 10 wood magnets


Approx. 25 - 50 mm, plus chain
Offer a spinning display of stone Canadian animal keychains with wood and engraved stone animal magnets. The wood animal magnets are hand-carved and painted in the forms of wolf, bear, moose, squirrel, raccoon. Our double-sided wood counter top display unit is designed to maximize your display space.

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