Butterfly Insect Pendant - Assorted  (12)
Butterfly Insect Pendant - Assorted (12)

Butterfly Insect Pendant - Assorted (12)

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12 packaged pendants on chain


Pendant approx. 50 - 65 mm width. Chain approx. 45 cm in length.
The red butterfly is a junonia almana, yellow is an catopsilia pomona, blue is an junonia orithia, purple is an everes argiades.

Every butterfly pendant presents the distinctive and matchless wings of a specimen that has been collected and set in clear resin to preserve its raw beauty. Perfect for the budding scientist or the seasoned pro. Individual display packaging included.

Butterflies are symbols of powerful transformation, purity and beauty. They inspire a lightness of being that is in tune with the emotional or spiritual rather than more earthly matters. In many cultures they are viewed as the departed souls of ancestors; while the chrysalis may be the souls trapped inside the body, the butterfly represents the emergence and freedom of the soul.

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