BRAZIL + TUCSON - A Sneek Peek

Posted by Melissa Brown on 2/20/2013
We've unloaded our gigantic container from Brazil and also received our shipment from Tucson! Now our warehouse is brimming with giant crates! It feels a bit like being surrounded by birthday presents as a child. Check out the before and after shots in one half of our warehouse...

The Nature's Expression warehouse is filled with ooooohs and aaaahhhs right now. We're opening box after box and each one is a beautiful surprise! From the always popular rough rose quartz, to sparkling apophylite everything brings a WOW! New this season is golden lepidolite, it is a must see!

You can imagine the time is takes to carefully unpack each and every item we receive. The desert rose is oh so delicate and the beautiful blue celestite must be handled with care. Unwrapping the pieces of apatite in matrix brings a smile to the face to be sure. If you like calcite you'll be craving our scrumptious neapolitan calcite this season.

After unpacking each box of beauties, we price them individually then place them on our shelves. This part has only just begun, as you can see on the black tourmaline with mica inclusions. Another exciting new arrival is the agate obelisks and pyramids, these are sure to be top sellers. The soft green hues of fuschite and diopside nicely complement the rich blues and purples of sodalite and lepidolite, just imagine using these to merchandise in your store!

After browsing these earthly treasures you're probably bursting with excitement as we are! Call your account manager at 1800-723-6403 to find out more about availability or for help with finding the items that are just right for you.

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