Bottle with Gemstone Roller and Chips - Tigereye
Bottle with Gemstone Roller and Chips - Tigereye

Bottle with Gemstone Roller and Chips - Tigereye

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1 roller bottle


Approx. 2 cm diameter x 8.5 cm height
This glass bottle is filled with gold tigereye gemstone chips and has a matching roller ball. Fill it with a favourite essential oil or blend for on-the-go application. Whatever oil you chose to fill it with, it is a leak-free and easy-to-use roller, allowing you to take your favorite scent on the go. Match your essential oil to the unique metaphysical properties of the gemstone roller to amplify the benefits. Sell this affordable add on next to your essential oils and watch your impulse purchases raise your profits.

Gold tigers eye is a gemstone in which crocidolite has been replaced by quartz, while its fibrous structure is preserved. The shimmering eye-like nature, called chatoyancy, is caused by these fibers. Found primarily in Africa and India, it is prized as a gemstone and often fashioned into jewellery.

As a healing stone, tigers eye creates a balance of power, this protection stone assists in accomplishing goals. It is helpful for recognizing needs of both the self and others.


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