Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 7/30/2016 to News
Welcome to our new website!
Remember the days of dial-up? The screech, the buzz and the beep beep bop? The prehistoric tube monitor that had black backgrounds and neon green text? Technology has come such a long way. Our phones now have more capabilities and more technology in them then the first Zeppelin to take flight!

Site Tour for Pros

Posted by Melissa Brown on 7/29/2016 to News
Site Tour for Pros
I figured it would be smart to provide a tour for those of you who had the warm fuzzies for our old site... and those who knew where EVERY button was.

Coming Soon to a Browser Near You - Our New Website!

Posted by Katilin Robertson on 7/13/2016 to News
Coming Soon to a Browser Near You - Our New Website!
You may have been noticing some changes. Things have been shifting around, new photographs being uploaded, a button may not be where it was before…
No, this isn’t your imagination.

10 Stress-busting gifts for busy moms

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/8/2015 to News
10 Stress-busting gifts for busy moms
We've gathered together ten gifts for the mindful mom, or mom's who would like to be.

New things in 2015

Posted by Melissa Brown on 1/21/2015 to News
New things in 2015
What's new this year? More than ever!

5 Product Tips for Father's Day

Posted by Timmy Wong on 5/13/2014 to News
View a list of our 10 top-selling items for men and several FREE printables to place next to your products.

Treasures from Tucson Are Waiting For You

Posted by Timmy Wong on 2/19/2014 to News
We are buzzing with excitement right now at the latest shipment from Tuscon. There's bismuth, petrified wood slabs, new styles of chakra pendants, amber, shungite pendants, gold sheen obsidian spheres, and a whole lot more. Read all about it in our latest blog post!

See More From Our 2014
Brazil Shipment

Posted by Timmy Wong on 2/13/2014 to News
Our second half of the Brazil shipment features high-quality agate slices. Read more about these pieces in our latest blog article.

Take a tour: 2014 Brazil shipment

Posted by Melissa Brown on 1/28/2014 to News
This is one of my favourite times of the year here in our warehouse; everywhere I look something catches my eye. Last week I found a quartz sphere with four phantoms inside, yes that's four crystal points formed within the sphere! Breathtaking.

5 New Year's Retail Goals For Your Store

Posted by Timmy Wong on 1/14/2014 to News
January and February are often slower months for stores, with customers recovering from the holiday buying season and other seasonal festivities. For retailers, this is a perfect time to reflect back on 2013 and start setting goals for the upcoming year. In this article by Stephanie Braun, she lists 5 goals that you as a retailer can set for 2014 to ensure that you are drawing new customers to your store and increasing your sales for the upcoming year.

Wellness 101: 8 Practical Steps to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Posted by Timmy Wong on 10/2/2013 to News
The thought of a health and wellness lifestyle change is very daunting - it involves work, is stressful, and might not work in the long run. However, by starting off with these 8 small and simple steps, it is actually easy to do. Check out this blog post to learn how to improve your health and wellness.

Back to School - Rediscover Your Senses

Posted by Timmy Wong on 9/19/2013 to News
Fall means back to school for your younger customers. As they go to school, why not provide them some products that will provide creative hands-on learning as well? Check out these 5 cool educational toys and games.

Relaxation Tips For When You Are Stressed

Posted by Timmy Wong on 9/9/2013 to News
Stress gets to the best of us, especially when we least expect it. In this blog article, check out some tips and tricks to combat stress.

Team Building with Horses

Posted by Melissa Brown on 7/2/2013 to News
We enjoyed our team building retreat in June so much that we just had to share some photos from our amazing day!

Enjoy nature
when the sky is falling

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/30/2013 to News
When it's raining or snowing, here are tips on how to appreciate nature both outdoors and in.

Celebrate Earth Day April 22!

Posted by Melissa Brown on 4/15/2013 to News
Click here for a handy how-to guide to celebrate Earth Day. Whether you do these things with your family, promote them to your customers on your Facebook page or post the daily tip in your store, by doing something, you are part of positive change.

Spring Excitement is in the air

Posted by Melissa Brown on 3/13/2013 to News
Hibernation is coming to an end and more of us across Canada are starting to peek out of our cozy nooks to look outside. Here in BC we've been met with a Pineapple Express.

BRAZIL + TUCSON - A Sneek Peek

Posted by Melissa Brown on 2/20/2013 to News
We've unloaded our gigantic container from Brazil and also received our shipment from Tucson! Check out the before and after shots in one half of our warehouse...