Black Tourmaline / Mica Rough - Giant
Black Tourmaline / Mica Rough - Giant

Black Tourmaline / Mica Rough - Giant

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Approx. 25 - 35 cm
Rough black tourmaline with mica is in a natural form without cutting or polishing.

Tourmaline is the most multicolored mineral type known, occurring in virtually every color of the spectrum. It has many interesting optical properties. When viewed through their vertical axis, some specimens appear darker or differ in color than when seen through their horizontal axis. Certain Tourmalines exhibit a cat's eye effect when polished. This mineral is also piezoelectric which means that through mechanical action an electric pulse is formed, similar to quartz.

Tourmaline is sought after as a talisman of protection to deflect and counteract negative energies. It is also used to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants.

Micas which are sheet silicates that form in distinct layers are fairly light and relatively soft and the sheets and flakes of mica are flexible.

Mica clears electromagnetic pollution. This stone insists on being for the highest good. It balances the heart with the mind.

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