Back to School - Rediscover Your Senses

Posted by Timmy Wong on 9/19/2013 to Product Spotlights

Fall is here, and for your younger customers, that means it's back-to-school time as well. While there may be learning inside the classrooms, help provide the tools for them to discover the world through your store.

These 5 cool back-to-school educational toys and games will surely inspire mom, dad, and the kids to continually stimulate their minds:

Hand-made Hand Drum
These hand drums are great beginner instruments to get children into music. They are hand-constructed from wood in Bali, and are skin-covered. Groove to the beat with the mini or the small option.

Science Time Discovery Kits
Nurture the inner scientist in your kids and tweens with these hands-on toys. The kits are a great education and an affordable way to safely explore physical, electrical, and chemical science. Test electrical energy with the Electrical Maze, launch into new worlds with the Air Jet Rocket, or simply be blown away with the Volcanic Eruption Kit. Kits are packaged individually, or as a display of 12. Ages 8-10+

Footbags/Hacky Sacks (with Display)
Kids of ALL ages will love hacking with their friends or by themselves with these footbags. The sacks are hand-knit in Guatemala, and are made to last. They are a great cash desk item or as a feature on your product shelves. The footbags can be ordered with a colorful and attractive display case to attract sales, or as a stand-alone re-stockable item.

Brain Twister 3D Wood Puzzles
Putting together and solving puzzles has always been a part of childhood, whether it is a jigsaw puzzle or a mystery case. The Brain Twister 3D Wood Puzzle is a new take on the traditional flat puzzle. They come in a package of 24, with 6 different puzzles in each display. Solutions are included in each puzzle.

Science Time Crystal Growing Kits
Give your younger customers the thrill of growing their own crystal. Kits are available in 3 colour options – blue, green, and purple – and come with all the materials needed for the young scientist to hone their craft. Grow one yourself and put it on display as a sample to generate higher sales. Kits are packaged individually, or come in a display of 12. Ages 10+

Check out this timelapse video of a crystal growing:

Have any cool educational toys and games in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

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