Aromatherapy Bracelet Display (24/display)

Aromatherapy Bracelet Display (24/display)

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Display of 24 assorted bracelets


Display is 30 cm width x 16.5 cm depth x 22.75 cm height. Bracelets are 18 cm in circumference with stretch cord, 8 mm bead
The aromatherapy bracelet display features six varieties of gemstones including rose quartz, green aventurine, red tigereye, gold tigereye, hematite and turquoise howlite.

Each aromatherapy bracelet has a filigree cage with a reusable lava bead inside. Use any essential oil to customize the scent. The cage is made from a nickel-free alloy.

How it works - Once an essential oil has been selected, open the filigree cage and apply 1-2 drops directly onto the bead. Close the cage and fasten the clasp. The scent may last between 3-5 days depending on the intensity of oil applied. The same essential oil can be reapplied or the lava bead can be washed with gentle soap, dried thoroughly and a new scent applied.

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