* Citrine Cathedrals 35 cm+ 10% OFF
* Citrine Cathedrals 35 cm+ 10% OFF

* Citrine Cathedrals 35 cm+ 10% OFF

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We carry a wide variety of citrine cathedrals from Brazil (A.K.A. Geode, Tower, Church) - if you would like to purchase these beauties of nature, add this item to your order so that we can help with your selection. You will not be charged unless you make a selection.

Some things to consider adding as notes on your order are the specifics of what you may be looking for. We will do our best to select closest to your wishes.

Pricing on cathedrals ranges in the hundreds and sometimes into thousands, it is important that you have a price range in mind for this purchase.
Qualities that may affect pricing on a cathedral are
  • Size - Heights range approximately 20 - 70 cm tall, sometimes larger sizes are available
  • Colour - Hues range from light to dark. Full saturation may only appear at the tips of the crystals to all the way through.
  • Inclusions - white calcite often increase the price because of the interest they create in the piece.
  • Shape - You will find some cathedrals very symmetrical while others bend, sometimes we offer pairs that match. Tall and narrow cathedrals appeal to some while short and wide appeal to others, depending on the purpose or the piece. Consider the depth when choosing a cathedral and also the thickness of the base. We also carry cathedrals without a base as well.

This citrine, is a heat treated amethyst, an affordable alternative to natural citrine which is relatively rare. It shows a range of translucent colors from sunny yellow to brown.

Citrine is considered the "merchant stone" due to it's ability to promote abundance, creativity and power. It also stimulates the crown chakra and is therefore helpful in stimulating the mind. It also helps align the chakras and balances energy.

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