Pre-drilled Auralite Pendant Charm

Pre-drilled Auralite Pendant Charm

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1 pendant packaged


Approx. 1.5 inch x 1 inch
A natural piece of auralite is pre-drilled with a hole to accommodate wire or chain for a customized design.

The crystal itself carries 35 elements, and in each crystal, there is at least 17 of these combined. There is 23 minerals in its matrix, which includes: Titanite, Cocoxenite,Lepidocrosite,Malachite,Hematite, Magnetite,Pyrolusite,Gold,Silver,Platinum,Nickel,Copper,Iron,Limonite,Shpalente,Covelite,Chalcopyrite,Gilaltite, Epidote,Bornite & Rutile.

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