Palm Stone - Chrysanthemum

Palm Stone - Chrysanthemum

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1 stone


Approx. 2.5 - 3 inches
Chrysanthemum palm stones (pocket stones, touch stones, worry stones) fit nicely into the palm of the hand. These tactile stones are beautiful to display and admire but are small enough to place under a pillow or tuck into a bag or pocket. They can be chosen to hold during meditation or to place on a body part for healing and massage.

Chrysanthemum stone is composed of obsidian with the white sections made up of fibers of feldspar with crystalline silica. The sprays of white represent rapid crystallization prior to the cooling of the surrounding glass from volcanic eruption. These unusual shapes originate in China where the rock has been used for ages for carvings and figures.

As a healing stone it represents harmony and change, encouraging those around the stone to open up and bloom.Minerals and Crystals

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