Nephrite Jade Inukshuk (8 inch)

Nephrite Jade Inukshuk (8 inch)

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1 Inukshuk with information card


Base approx 12.5cm x 15.5cm, Height approx 20 - 22 cm


Made in China
This impressive ornamental statue depicts an Inukshuk, an ever popular Canadian souvenir. In the Inuit language, the mysterious stone figure known as Inukshuk, means in the likeness of a human. These sculptural forms are among the oldest and most important objects placed by humans upon the vast Arctic landscape and have become a familiar symbol of the Inuit and their homeland.

The figure is carved from Nephrite, a fibrous aggregate variety of tremolite-actinolite which is a basic calcium magnesium iron silicate. With a history dating over 7,000 years, jade is one of the oldest and most important gemstones. It is notably prized within Chinese and Latin American cultures where it often holds more value than gold.

While jade is believed to represent beauty, purity and grace, nephrite specifically is said to be a stone of dreams. It is thought that it can bless whatever it touches.

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