Natures Garden Incense Sticks Display - Assorted (120/display)

Natures Garden Incense Sticks Display - Assorted (120/display)

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Display of 120 boxes, 20 sticks/box


12.5 inch width x 11.75 inch depth x 12.75 inch height, packaging 2 inch x 10 inch
Available in naturally blended scents of cinnamon, jasmine, amber, lavender, patchouli, eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, opium, musk, and frankincense. This incense comes in a hardboard display covered with handmade paper and holds 12 fragrances.

Nature's Garden is a top selling premium incense which is made using the traditional method of hand rolling in India; non toxic, all natural. The ancient Masala Method of making incense uses only natural essential oils, flowers, spices, aromatic herbs, natural resins and other aromatic substances blended in a paste which is then hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick. Before shipping, it is beautifully packaged using handmade paper and individually decorated with dried flowers and leaves.

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